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Bonus XP Weekends are not a very effective way of reducing Prayer training costs. Because the osrs gold bonus will not stack with the existing bonuses from items, such as the Wisdom aura or Brawling gloves, or means, such as the or POH Altars, none of these training methods should be used. Buckets of slime can be collected from the pool of ectoplasm below the temple,

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by using empty Buckets on it. Each Bonemeal requires one Empty pot and one Bones. All the Bones in your inventory can be ground, with enough pots, by right clicking "Fill Hopper" on the grinder. So, thus there are an enormous amount of economists who say what they are ordered to say and back what they are told is the narrative.

Follow the direction of the beam of light southwest and inspect the sundial (Apmeken). Another cut cene will occur, during which bandits will appear out of the sand and you will learn that the diamond is using them to talk to you. The 5 level 2 bandits and the level 3 bandit leader will attack you. When the last Bandit is killed, he will drop the . Pick it up and fix the Sundial (Apmeken) by inspecting it. Now,

so lets say a player sees a 50k test. He/She will give the scammer 50k, and get back 100k. He/She will get thrilled give the scammer a couple hundred thousand or maybe a million gp or more. The scammer either lies and says "Enjoy your money!" or just logs out. DON FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!move the gnomon into the position of the monkey (Apmeken) and another beam of light will appear, pointing to the northwest.

And pretty much, access to any online content you wouldn't want them to access, unless you put filters. No jokes, my 6 yrs old cousin last summer was talking me about a girl 'bleeding from the vagina' and laughing about it. I was like =O, I couldn't believe he knew those words already.

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