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A couple tips. You need cosmic runes for regular gatestones and law runes for group gate teleport. You can bind runes in the ammo slot. I bound cosmic runes so when I start the dungeon, I automatically have those and just need to craft law runes. Also, switch to mage in dungeoneering if you haven already. Every regular staff and wand in daemonheim

provide unlimited elemental runes so you nvr worry about running out of ammo and can long range the annoying bosses. When you reach floors 35+, go to world 77 and try to find a group to do a large dungeon. But before that, do solo enough to learn every puzzle and boss.The base xp itself also depends heavily on how many doors you open. This is why it worth doing everything c6 small if your total lvl is low.

Hard to accurately say because I trained it here and there with the occasional daily challenge and sinkholes. But if you keep doing sinkholes and start large dungeons once you get to low 30s floor, you have 75 very soon. But don stop there. Keep going for tokens so you can get all the useful rewards that come with dungeoneering like charming imp, bone crusher demon horn necklace etc.

Edit: for what it worth, Im lvl 89 now and started training dungeoneering shortly after dxp weekend.Sorry if this post got incoherent, I wasn writing on my desktop. Feel free to ask me any questions.yes you can. You need 5 bovistrangler branches and 5 zephyrium bars. Right click on the group gatestone portal and the option to build an altar will be there.

Another tip: I was browsing this sub a while back and people said when they were hunting for frost dragons, they would always skip floors if there was no anti dragon shield in the starting room. This is NOT the case. Frost dragons can appear in dungeons even if theres no anti dragon shield in the starting room. This is what happened to me.

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