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Queanbeyan Players' next show is the 1949 Broadway runescape gold musical South Pacific. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 10 Tony Awards and with a score that ranges from romantic songs like Some Enchanted Evening to lusty chorus numbers such as There Is Nothing Like A Dame, it's one of the enduring classics of the Rodgers and Hammerstein canon. He's Emile de Becque, a middle aged French plantation owner, she's Nellie Forbush, a young American nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas, and they meet on a Polynesian island during World War II..

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A: If you asked teenage Andrea, she would have said 'Gidget' because it would've just been plain ole' fun to play her. A surfer girl who speaks her mind in the '50s/'60s, what's not to love? Also, Buffy the Vampire Slayer from either the movie or TV version. She's so badass.

"Basically, everything comes full circle, like a spinning wheel. What goes around must come around. We're working as a creative team on the compositions and arrangements, writing everything from the ground up. But I hate it because it distracts us from talking about what should really matter: results. Instead, it's all of this "what talent fits under the cap" crap. I got enough of that while playing Strat Matic against my brothers as a kid, thanks.

You put all those together, it just leads to a very successful event. And obviously, the money they been able to raise for charity has just been unbelievable. That it not necessarily par for the course for a PGA Tour Champions tournament to rack up millions and millions in charity dollars, Monday announcement party included a keep up the good work video message from golf great Jack Nicklaus..

For instance, Porath finds 80 per cent of victims lose productivity due to worrying; 66 per cent incur a decline in performance; 63 per cent lose work time to avoiding the offender; and 12 per cent seek new employment. And the frequency is only worsening: in 2011, fully half of surveyed workers reported experiencing rude treatment at least weekly, compared to just a quarter in 1998. "We've always been about granting people liberties to be themselves.".
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