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is moving to ban the practice of contract flipping at seniors care homes runescape gold and other health facilities, where employees are laid off and rehired at lower wages. Health Minister Adrian Dix

Dix said the government is pushing a massive recruitment drive for new health care workers and it can attract buy cheap runescape gold people to the job without eliminating some of the uncertainty over mass firings. In order to meet the NDP promised 3.36 direct care hours per day for residents, the government will have to hire 900 net new care aides and replace a significant portion of existing care aides who are already over the age of 55 and nearing retirement,

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The Hospital Employees Union, which has fought against contract flipping, celebrated the change by watching the Hansard video feed live at a party convention and cheering when Dix introduced the bill on Thursday. was jubilation on the part of health care workers to hear the introduction of this legislation repealing what has been fundamentally unfair and draconian, said HEU secretary business manager Jennifer Whiteside.

The changes will ensure successorship of contracts and unionization if contractors and subcontractors change, she said, describing the outrageous cycle of for profit nursing home operators subcontracting work repetitively and repeatedly laying off entire workforces. seen this happen many times in long term care, said Whiteside. staff teams are laid off, fired and lose their jobs. Because they are not protected that stops employers from doing that,

it means those care relationships with seniors are disrupted. Some care facilities have gone so far as to flip contracts six times on workers, requiring them to take pay cuts and re unionize each time, she said. She said a system of differing contracts has been built up over 16 years in which a care aide can make $7 less than the same person doing the same job for a different employer just down the street

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