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Keep the bunches small to ensure even circulation. Store dry in labeled canning jars, either runescape gold whole or crumbled. Freezing is also a good way to preserve herbs.. Your allowed to kill soem one in the wildy. So there for you are only lieng. And now these people got an affective love to their items which ain't sane at all A normal sane runescape player would not care

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Also if i fire an avarage speed weapon first, then switch to my fast speed weapon, does that second attack get the fast speed or the avarage (or both). I not sure about the weapon switching but it is possible that the attack speed resets. As for the actual answer on the title: Crossbows(1h) enable offhands like shields or other crossbow.

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Island of Kesmai is credited with being the first MMORPG. It was one of the earliest commercial games, released in 1985, and used Roguelike graphics (named after the genre of single player adventure games, with either ASCII or 2D graphics, started by the game Rogue in 1980), and could be played on CompuServe with no extra charge than that of using CompuServe itself. Which was, admittedly, quite substantial.

B. Melee Pures/People unable to telegrab need to talk to Wormbrain. Ask him about the map piece. Training non combat skills is also a long, tedious process you can expect to make very little profit from. Nearly all skills will make little money until you are very advanced in it; some skills such as smithing simply are never able to make you money at all. Training your non combat skills usually involves clicking on one thing for hours or even days,

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